Led Foot Soothers

After a long day at work or after sporting activity or running or shopping.
The LED foot soothers help the feet feel better, just put your bare feet on
 the LED foot soothers and use the remote to turn them on and
 feel the relaxation move up your legs.

Acupuncturists discovered that single frequency
light could activate acupressure points. Pulse light could stimulate
it; continuous light could sedate the acupuncture points. But they
also discovered that light applied to a meridian end-point can
actually be traced flowing through the meridian to the organ
acupuncture points. The meridian system is a useful pathway for
getting light deeper into the body

Here is what you get: 2 - 12 x 4.5  inch LED panels, 1 power supply,
one y connector cable, One power cable , one remote control.

The LEDs are covered with an abrasion resistant plexiglass
 cover on front of case. There are 24 LEDs per unit RED 660nm 3 Watt each
with output of 380mw each, 9120mw total per unit

Email with any questions.  info@ledfootsoothers.com