Full Infrared
120 LED


Handheld Infrared Therapy Unit 
120 LED Infrared 850nm LEDs
 40mw per cm2
(higher power by request)
120 LED  Infrared 850 LED light
Good for sore muscles and pain relief from exercise.

 Boost circulation and has deep penetration.

Pilot light indicates unit is operating
 Infrared can not be seen by the naked eye
except in a very dark room.

High power units available on custom request, they can put out up to 200mw per cm2 with 2 fans.

Spec sheet download Click Here for infrared 850

You get.
"Quality Healing LED lights
 made to order here in the USA"

"Lifetime warranty"

"Free Shipping in the USA"

"We ship anywhere in the world."

"Custom Wavelengths Available"

Just email for custom
wavelength requests.

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